Take Action Now: Help Relieve the Devastating Impact of Hurricane Beryl with The Rév Foundation

We're Raising In-Kind Donations Of ToiletriesFoodSupplies

In-kind donations can be gathered in your local community and shipped to the address below or purchased online through this link to be shipped directly to our distribution collaborator Global Empowerment Mission in Florida and be transported + distributed to affected communities in The Caribbean.

Global Empowerment Mission
1850 NW 84th Ave 
Doral, Florida 
33126, United States
Toiletries + Personal care

- Feminine Hygiene Items
- Body Wash 
- Deodorant
- Baby and Infant Diapers
- Adult Diapers
- Toothpaste 
- Haircare
- Washcloths
-Baby Wipes

Medical Supplies

- Face Masks
- Gloves 
- Gauze 
- First Aid Kits
- Ibuprofen/Acetaminophen Tablets
- Respiration Tubes
- Fingertip Oximeters
- Pain Relief Creams

Non-Perishable Foods

- Bottles of Water
- Canned Meats
- Canned Vegetables 
- Baby Formula 
- Juice Boxes
- Canned Fish 
- Dry Pasta 
- Protein Bars
- Protien Drinks
- Baby Food 

Housing Essentials

- Tarps
- Tents
- Kiddie Cots
- Blankets
- Mesh Garden Netting
- 5 Gallon Buckets with Lids
- 5 Gallon Portable Toilets 
- 5 Gallon Stackable Water Storage Containers
- Bucket Toilets with Lids
- Flashlights with Batteries
- Lysol Wipes
- Cleaning Supplies
 Monetary donations will support this initiative's logistics and Global Empowerment Mission's on-the-ground efforts.  
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